My 10,000 Hours.

this is my journey. follow and enjoy.

The Crouching Tiger, by Ray Fiasco

Anonymous Have you always been drawing?, I love em man

yeah ive been drawing since i could pick up a pencil, and thank you 

workofdre ray, youre on some weird next level shit. keep strong, solid work.

lool thank you

Kojey Radical in Dopechef

thisizreal How much do u charge to do artwork? And how could one discuss the prospect of that with you?

hey whats up, if you send me an email ( detailing what you are after, we can move forward and discuss 

Anonymous Hey! I have an interview with brighton on Saturday and in really worried. I'm planning on doing graphic design and I was just wondering what could I expect from the uni as well as the whole atmosphere?

whats up! interview wise, approach it like this… you are about to sit down with some of the few people (interviewers) that understand how much you love graphic design, so just find that love you all have in common, and then the interview becomes more of a conversation. 

brighton as a place is really cool, i didnt do much, i was one of those who just found a couple cool people and chilled with them, but there is quite an active nightlife. 

course wise… im not tooo sure because i was studying photography, but the lecturers are real cool if you connect with them, and everyone chills in the cafe in grand parade

shooting Kojey Radical #Dopechef


Leon Herbert, shot by Ray Fiasco

Cover 07 #100coversforkanye 

#Orphgang and Zulu

Intalekt #ORPHGANG

Wild’n’Out, #ORPHGANG 


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